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Hey there, I'm Stevie! 👋

One part account manager.
One part content specialist.

All parts people person.

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm an experienced digital marketer looking to further my career and work collaboratively with an awesome team. Scroll down to learn more about how I've been making an impact in the marketing world or click the "About Me" to learn more about...well, me!


A Few of My Skills...

Social Media Strategy

I work with clients to establish goals, develop platform strategies, and oversee content creation across paid and organic channels.

Account Management

A multitasker with lengthy to-do lists, I ensure every project is properly communicated and executed. I keep my clients in the loop and my team one step ahead.

Video Production

From writing scripts to sorting through raw footage with an editor, I love being on set and telling brand stories through video.

Copywriting & Blogging

Whether it's succinct ad copy or a detailed blog post, I can tell a clear story and drive action across industries.


I help make sure website content is compelling, CTAs are clear, pages are optimized, and traffic is on the upswing.

Reporting & Presentation

How can you determine good content without data to back it up? I pull key takeaways and present growth opportunities to my clients and team.


Social Media Marketing

As an experienced content manager in both the B2B and B2C spaces, I ensure that every deliverable is on brand, high quality, and does its part in moving a prospect through the funnel. I work closely with the client and creative team to create stunning assets including: social content, blog posts, lead magnets and more.

Check out a few pieces of my work. 👇


Drove 20,000 Link Clicks

in the first 90 days of launching

My team geo-targeted areas surrounding a B2C furniture franchise and developed new, engaging creative to drive traffic to an updated website.

271% Increase in Traffic

across the site YoY

With a series of Google Ad campaigns and an updated SEO strategy, I oversaw this project for a B2B client in the construction space.

Doubled Leads in 90 Days

a 140% increase YoY

Created and launched Facebook and Instagram ads for a B2C client in the bridal industry. Drove a 140% increase in online bookings.


Video Production

I love creating large pillar pieces of content that can be modified in dozens of ways to move an audience through the marketing funnel. The energy of being on set, telling a brand story, and seeing it all come together in a mini 1-2 minute masterpiece is unbeatable! 

Check out some of these mini-masterpieces. 😂👇


Over 30,000 Organic Views on YouTube

We took common industry questions and answered them in a series of short tutorial videos. One video alone saw over 30,000 organic views and delivered value to both their current and soon-to-be customers.

Helped Average 70 Leads Per Month

Wrote and produced a video that played a role in a larger HubSpot campaign. The video ran on paid channels and addressed common questions about the area *cough* (see first video) and helped drive out-of-state jobseekers to connect with a local recruiter.


Blogs and Copy

Need me to dive into a topic? No problem. I love to jump into a new industry, pull out key questions to answer, and provide value directly to the prospect. 

Check out some of my work 👇

University Scooters – How to Ride a Scooter

In the college town, Iowa City, we found that a common barrier to purchasing a scooter/moped was that students simply didn't know how to ride them and felt awkward asking. 

So we broke down that barrier.

Wallaroo's – Ad Copy that Blew Minds

For this funky furniture chain, we needed to pair stylish with fun across their paid campaigns. 

They got what they asked for. 

TuffWrap Installations – Pinpointing a Problem

Within a niche industry, TuffWrap provided a valuable solution to facility owners and contractors. I helped them provided gated information through a landing page, pop-up, and ad campaign.

See the final deliverables.


Stevie is knowledgeable, responsive, organized and an excellent communicator – basically, the true definition of what an Engagement Manager should be. She is driven to find solutions and grow results. During my time working with her, I was impressed by the goals we reached and the improvements we saw in our digital presence. I was grateful to have her as the lead for our account and I enjoyed the opportunity to partner with her.

I worked closely with Stevie at Sculpt, and during my time there, I was constantly impressed with her dedication to client success and her creativity as a content strategist. She effectively built close working relationships with internal and external stakeholders at Sculpt, and consistently helped clients reach their goals by pitching new and innovative solutions. Stevie has exceptional organizational skills, and is able to juggle multiple projects and shifting priorities with ease. She has my highest recommendation as an account manager and digital marketer.

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